Here is where you download the Pricerr Theme and Booking Calendar for your localhost. I don’t supply the license for this theme BUT you may obtain one from the Theme Developer at www.sitemile.com. Purchase the Pricerr theme via PayPal and when you see the DEPRECATED and other notices, demand a refund. You have a right to expect any software you purchase with your good money to be clean and not with bad coding.

So anyway, here are the latest files from my account. One is the Theme and the other is the Booking calendar, so each website user has their own calendar that operates correctly.

Your job is to fix whatever problems you discover in this premium theme. Get the booking calendar operating correctly. Then put your work online so that I may test it, and a copy of your debug.log I am willing to purchase your work for a reasonable cost. Be sure to include the Child Theme if needed.

All of this is required because the Pricerr Theme Developer at www.sitemile.com does not solve MY PROBLEMS. He may solve YOURS but that does not help ME.
Download Booking Calendar

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