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YOU will see this HTML table at the bottom of each of the 32 countries we service in Asia. Click here, then mouseover a few countries at the top of the list to see they each have links in the bottom in the HTML table, “click to meet local people”. YOUR task is to complete highway map links for all 30 missing countries in Asia . Here I have completed Afghanistan & Bangladesh so you understand what is required.

Meet Local People page is created in dynamic way. New country highways can be added by adding db entries and maps only.

Make sure the new tables ut_cities and ut_highway_detail tables are present in database entries for all highways and cities are also present.

While inserting data into these tables, data in ut_cities should be inserted first. While inserting data into ut_highway_detail , cityId from ut_cities to be used.

Below are some sample insert scripts;
insert into ut_cities (cityName) values (‘CityNameA’); //city ids are auto populated
insert into ut_cities (cityName) values (‘CityNameB’);
insert into ut_highway_detail(AHRouteNo,AHSectionNo,EndPoint1,EndPoint2,orderNo,CountryId) values(‘AH1′,1 ,(select cityId from ut_cities where cityName=’CityNameA’),(select cityId from ut_cities where cityName=’CityNameB’),1 ,1 );

New Template php created named ‘meetLocalPeople.php’ in Pricerr theme folder.
On click of Highway , begin and end cities are populated . For this ‘fetchDropdowns.php’ is created in wp-admin folder .
On selecting begin and end cities, last box is populated . For this ‘fetchPlacesToVisitCount.php’ is created in wp-admin folder.

For all maps , folder named ‘maps’ to be created in Pricerr theme folder . And all maps to be inserted in this folder in php format.
Inside every map,  javascript method named ‘setBeginEndCities’ and ‘getTotalPlacesToVisit’ should be present. Inside every map, the on click of highway, javascript method ‘setBeginEndCities(‘AH1′)’ is called where ‘AH1’ is Highway Route number.

After adding database entries for country highways and the highway map in map folder, the following url to be updated in ut_hyperlinks table of
Eg. :
Here instead of 4, the proper country id to be put which can be taken from ut_countries table.

See Explainer Video at:

Because this is all of the information available, please do not ask me questions, do not ask me to confirm anything, because this is all of the information that is available. You may want to do ONE highway map to test your skills and average time to comple a country. Notify me of your fee, which country you want to complete and your upwork contact.

Telegram/W.A. +855.815.77709 (0900-1900 Vietnam time zone)



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