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1.) You want to add a menu on your website that displays a list of locations.

1a.) Please click one of these to see this in action:

2.) Now, a user visits your website and clicks on a location.
2a.) Click here to see it happen:

3.) Now, he/she will be taken to a categories page like here

3a.) You have seen image#1 “WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING?” it offers 30 categories.
3b.) In that TablePress plugin those categories are again displayed but this time as seen at

4.) Currently, the plugin would display categories & videos (count) from all the videos.
4a.) Your plugin was selected because it is the closest to my needs AND counts. Additionally it provides for front end user submissions.

4b.)But, for your website, it should only display the categories and the number of videos count based on the location selected.

4c.) Our website boasts “Discover What’s Happening Today in Your Favorite Location”

4d.) In the footer of each HTML table at: is a link “What’s Happening Today” which takes you to one of the locations such as:

5.) Now, the user clicks on a category to see the list of videos from the selected category & location.

5a.) In image #2 they click the red line which is the highway they are traveling. Automatically those cities/towns are populated into image#2.

5b.) That blue Image #3 will say how many citizens have registered in that location and offered a video explaining why the tourist should employ him. You’d find an interesting person and do business together. Such as is seen on Fiverr & Upwork.

5c.) The rest of the functionalities works the same as in our current plugin.

5d.) Your plugin could be reconfigured so the COUNT could be placed into that TablePress plugin. Adjacent to each category title will appear the number of videos.

5e.) Then, clicking onto the category title would return to your plugin page to display all videos in that location. This makes it very easy to determine how many “Scientific Expeditions” are currently happening in Moscow, New York or whatever location is selected in the green image#2.

5f.) That TablePress result would appear on the bottom of the same webpage so tourists won’t be confused. They have already seen the highways and have selected a city of interest along that highway. “Discover What’s Happening Today in Your Favorite Location”

5g.) The TablePress may be deleted if yours can be modified to produce similar layout. Remove all of those flashy images in your plugin, so categories appear as simple as is possible. Use the category names currently seen but put them into your All In One Video Gallery to appear easy for tourists to quickly discover What’s Happening Today in his favorite location.

6.) Additionally, you want to add start & end dates for the videos and they must be configured in the video upload form? Am I correct?

6a.) If there is a major football contest happening in some city between your country and another country, then we want the video removed from our servers at the end of the sporting event. Else, tourists may complain we serve outdated information.

6b.) Woocommerce has this “pay to upload” plugin, right? Our webpages already have a link about it. Questions seen on your video form description, title, etc will be put maybe into a Google Forms so the necessary data may be provided along with the advertising fee. All videos run 15 days max unless payment is renewed. I don’t have enough info about using your plugin so can’t say more but I think you understand.

7.) If this is what you expect and if you don’t worry about the database table structures, we can help you extend our current plugin with this.

7a.) Have a look into the current DB: Username is 22raj33 and password is .la*icT;aPs< URL:

8.) But, still your requirement has some other points that need to be discussed in detail like commissions, etc.

8a.) I have an Affiliate Marketing plugin option here: So I don’t think you need to concern much.

8b.) Not exactly sure which highly rated plugin to select/download/activate/config yet. The pay to upload form must have a text field to allow inputting some referral’s ID link. Mandatory field.

9.) Also, do you already have videos, categories and locations and do we need to copy them to our plugin?

9a.) This was addressed in the above. Categories you’ve seen. Locations you’ve seen. MySQL DB you’ve seen. Customers will supply videos telling us where his business is located. My affiliates only need recruit more of them and be assured they earn for their work.

As this project is still “Under Construction” some design changes can be entertained.

Am using WooCommerce Storefront theme for 7millionjobs site and I don’t plan to use any other theme soon.┬áThis next link identifies where I obtained the theme your plugin will be integrated at likely under those maps:

I have a license for it and have done some modifications as is described at

You may have more unanswered queries so I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I fully understand this project and I will let you know which other requirements and unanswered questions I have and I think this is a project a professional like me can do

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